Profitable Pottery Shops

Local pottery shops are great places to go with friends and family to create or paint pottery. Most of these shops offer special promotions for groups. They do this as a way to fill their kilns and operate them at a profit rather than a loss. Kiln firing is one of the largest expenses in pottery creation. It can take hours or days for a kiln to reach the perfect firing temperature. Then it must be allowed to cool at a controlled rate to fire the pottery within.

Many artists prefer to work in their own studios. These are generally small, and artists use commercial kilns at pottery shops to fire their work. One way artists can pay their firing fees is to give classes. Because most studios are small, many artists teach their classes at local pottery shops. The fees charged are split between the artist and the shop. This makes it profitable for both parties and introduces new people to this fascinating hobby. Parties for children are especially popular.

Marketing for special events is important for pottery shops. The business must have income to maintain the studio and kiln. Advertising promotional events for groups is one of the best ways to get customers in the door. These group deals generally have a reduced price for materials and kiln firing. The pottery shop makes a smaller profit, but it gathers more customers over the long term. Artists who assist at these classes earn money to have their works fired in the kiln as well.

Overall, it is a good practice for a business to expand its customer base. Offering promotional deals widens the field of business and results in more sales. Marketing to selected groups means limited promotional costs if done correctly. Using online marketing tools to select audiences most likely to try a promotional offer is a good way to increase sales.