Create a Clay Pottery Piece in Just a Few Steps

Learn how to make a basic pottery piece from choosing the item the wish to make to choosing the type of clay you wish to use followed by what technique is best for your chosen project.

1. First choose what type of item you are going to create and whether it is for decorative purposes or for functional use.

2. Start planning what size and shape you want your item to be, as well as what colors you will be using to paint it. Also decide whether or not you will be using beads, or tools to score your pottery project.

3. Choose what type of clay you will be using. Low-fire or high-fire.

4. Decide how you are going to create your project. Some methods you can use are the wheel, hand pinching, coiling or slab making.

5. Start forming using or hands or the wheel. (Be careful as some clays can not easily be formed into objects more than once.)

6. Fire your pottery piece. (Do your research on how long your project should be placed in the kiln for.)

7. Brush your project with a glaze. One coat is more than enough.

8. Re-fire your pottery to help the glaze settle and dry on to the clay.

9. File down the bottom of your pottery piece and than paint your item if any colors are needed for the final touches.